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A new start...

Updated: May 21

This weekend I attended a South Florida Writers Virtual Mango Conference. I was a little disappointed that it was not a live conference with opportunity to share with colleagues. But to my surprise, it was just as inspiring. My mind was filled with ideas. And where had I been, neglecting my writing.

My Seagulls in Miami was finished or was it? One of the presenters mentioned the year 1980. Yes! the Mcduffie riots, Mariel, the drug trade. I have the drug trade, but the riots and Mariel need to be part of my novel. History makes romance novel so interesting.

I am realizing more and more than writing is the easy and fun part. Marketing is where all the hard work comes in. More than a writer, I also have to be a marketer. I need followers/fans. Again, I must remember that it all takes time and apparently money. One step at a time...

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